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Ingredients & supplies

Luisa Silvia learned all about the importance of fresh ingredients while living in Italy and cooking for friends and family.

Italians are honest people, and Silvia’s loved ones were no different. They were the most scrutinizing critics and knew instantly if a food’s freshness, texture, or flavor was at its peak.

At Merlo on Maple, Luisa Silvia has taken her lessons learned in Italy and turned them into exquisite and authentic Italian food. The taste and quality that’s apparent in the first bite is the result of a daily selection of ingredients from various small, experienced suppliers from around the world.

Our suppliers are our partners, and they understand and share our passion.  So on any given day, for instance when a fabulous game bird is available or when an unusual fruit is perfectly in season, we will get a call from our supplier and Sylvia will be quickly off to her recipes to see what magic she can create.  To experience a meal that is rarely ever available, make sure you ask our staff for the day’s specials.  And don’t forget to ask for Sylvia or Giampaolo to pass along your thoughts about the meal.

Ingredients made in-house

From our authentic handmade pastas to our mouth-watering desserts, all of our dishes are made from scratch, in-house. The ingredients in these dishes are not only fresh, but many of them are made in-house to ensure we serve the most authentic Italian dishes. Ingredients we prepare in-house include:

    • Ricotta cheese
    • Clarified butter
    • Oil cured artichoke and eggplant
    • Gelato-made with fresh seasonal ingredients
    • Marmalades
    • Fresh fruit preservers and syrups
    • Quince Apple-Cotognata (Italian style, apple preserve)
    • All sauces and ragù
    • Tomato and basil sauce
    • Pesto-prepared with fresh herbs
    • Homemade sausage
    • Preserved Salmon, Norwegian style

When we do choose to import select ingredients, we work with only the most reputable vendors and suppliers to ensure we have the best flavor profile. Our seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables are from local growers and farms. We also make certain our beef and poultry are all-natural, grass fed, and humanely raised and that we receive wild, fresh caught fish. A few ingredients we choose to import are:

    • Cured meats from Italy, such as Prosciutto and Speck
    • Truffles from Umbria
    • Flour and rice from Italy
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy
    • Select cheeses imported from Italy such as Mozzarella di Buffalo




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