16 W. Maple Street, Chicago | Phone: (312) 335-8200 | Hours: Sun.-Thu: 5:30PM-9:30PM | Fri. & Sat: 5:30PM-10:30PM

Our building

A meticulous touch went into the building at Merlo on Maple. You may notice when you walk in that it feels like a home in a time capsule, untouched by the surrounding city.

Or you may notice the beautiful bar to the left of the entrance. We can’t fault you there. The bar, like the building itself, was carefully restored it to its original brownstone glory. Oak is in abundance, its wood shaping the floors, banisters, and walls that protect three separate private dining areas.

We are extremely lucky to have this beautiful space on Maple. Whether you want a private, memorable evening for two or a merry night filled with wine and laughter with a group of friends or business associates, we are at your service.

Click on the images below for a journey through our building.