Merlo on Maple 16 W. Maple Street, Chicago | Phone: (312) 335-8200

Event Planner

Say hello to Nikki!

Nikki Kajmowicz, Event Director at Merlo on Maple, handles the planning and coordination of the restaurant’s private events. Under the tutelage of owner Giampaolo Sassi, she impeccably executes business dinners, weddings, and social occasions.

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Nikki’s upbeat attitude, attention to detail, and ability to manage all aspects of a function is why we were so impressed with her from her first day here. When she isn’t at Merlo, she enjoys enjoys expanding her horizons through travel and new experiences. She loves meeting new people, living in Chicago, and taking advantage of all of the activities the city has to offer.

Whatever your special occasion, Nikki is ready to assist. To get started, email her at